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контекстная реклама яндекс директ
рейтинг агентств контекстной рекламы
реклама яндекс хабаровск
internet marketing agency
Google Ads pros
High conversion rates ninjas
Colaborating with big brands like Surf Brothers Skolkovo, Merries, Attack, Sayuri // Won’t work with your competitors for all the money // Boosting the conversion rate of your website by 42%

But what’s more important?

We get KPI written in the contract and take 3 months to accomplish, so all our cases are about specific numbers
Colaborating with big brands like Surf Brothers Skolkovo, Merries, Attack, Sayuri // Won’t work with your competitors for all the money // Boosting the conversion rate of your website by 42%

Google ads
around the world

boost websites conversion rate by 42%
We promoted real estate in Cyprus, a crypto exchange in Italy, diving center in Phuket and hundreds of companies across Russia
We test hypotheses and discuss your projects in private chats with the best Google Ads specialists in the world
Every year we confirm our certification and status as a Google Partner

Brainstorm advertising creatives for high CTR

We got tired of endless documents and made a place where all your creatives, keywords and campaigns are kept. One click, whoosh, and the creatives are agreed (or not)
We’ve developed our own service
We could even help him to get his hearing back
Free on-site hearing diagnostics in Moscow.
Top specialists. Lifetime support
Control the volume of the city. Earplugs made for you
Ideal for outdoor wear. Nice level of soundproofing. Protect your hearing
He showed up!
You can get caught on Motorr video screens too!
Own turnkey production of video screens. We deliver throughout the Far Eastern Federal District
Banners with a 2 year fading guarantee
We’ll agree and develop a selling design. And then bring it right to your facility.
We bet no one’s gonna have photos like that on social media. You + surfing
We help you to get on surf board from the 1st lesson. Surfing lessons + SPA + gym + hammam.
Asymmetry is not the norm. Mammography with tomosynthesis
94% of breast neoplasms are curable at an early stage. Have tomosynthesis
Catching creativity vibe for yor high conversions

Is your website ready to advertise?

It can be nice or not very, expensive or budget, made on Tilda or Bitrix - it’s not that important. To get leads, your website must sell. We will check it with our marketing specialist on Zoom.
customers switch to us for contextual advertising
8 out of 10

End-to-end analytics

Do A/B testing of pictures, texts, settings to reduce the cost of lead
Costs, leads, sales across every channel - easy!
Project chat on Telegram - there’s no better and faster way of communication. We use chats to discuss strategy and respond to problems.

Advertising customization makes 30% of success

Using contextual advertising only, you can constantly grow by 5-7%. Using product marketing, companies can grow at times.
We will study user behavior on your website and increase the conversion
Study your customers, competitors, the market, and write a strong Big Idea and USP
Test your internal and external SEO settings
Offer you multi-channel marketing solution, like outdoor advertising + website promotion + contextual advertising
Write scripts for your sales department
Check out the case

Conduct marketing

We study the market in depth and get answers to the following questions:
How good is the marketing of your competitors, what cool things can we learn from them and how to build up from them?
What are the hidden needs of the target audience that they will never talk about directly?
What positioning can get right into the heart of the audience? What will be the marketing strategy?

We understand that you are worried if the ad will work

We have earned over $6 million for our clients

They will work on your advertising campaign

contextual advertising specialist, loves creativity and numbers, had his own business before
senior specialist in contextual advertising, 4 years working experience with Astra Marketing
project manager
with a degree in PR,
chief creative officer
marketing expert, former marketing director of an event agency in Cyprus
contextual advertising specialist, the most meticulous person ever, digs into analytics
Astra Marketing chief, 7 years in contextual advertising, former Marketing Director at FMCG
copywriter, the most well-read person on the planet, formerly ran bookstores
Oleg The Cat
mentor and meme expert, Astra Marketing spirit animal

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