Making websites focusing on marketing

If you need a website to solve a specific business problem like testing hypothesis, getting leads, appearing in the top positions on search or making your competitors jealous, we’ll make a good team.
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We did a research on 100+ combinations
of sites and advertising campaigns and described    an approach to the development of sites with high conversions
# the most common problems
If you’re a business owner, then you have probably faced a situation when after making a site for half a year and starting advertising, you just lost the budget. This happened because before designing and coding, your website wasn’t planned by a marketing expert
They use filler texts and stock images and then just give the site for development. They say, we’ll fill it later
A developer uses typical blocks like “Our services”, “Reviews”, “Team”
In reality, they think about content and marketing at the very end

Jobs-to-be-done approach instead of customer profiling

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We’ll make a website focusing on⠀⠀⠀ marketing, content and aesthetic design to work with advertising and SEO, and impress you with the results, so you⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ can impress the market

We’ll study competitors,
but then find our own way

A bad marketer is usually hindered by something... And this something is “customer profiling approach”
We’ll come up with a cool offer, which you can use everywhere
We’ll find out where they get clients and what they tell them, so we can differentiate

Websites for a specific goal

In case you need to test a new field or check us in contextual advertising
40 000 ₽
in 10 days
Tilda’s pre-designed blocks
hypothesis test with no design but with marketing
Landing page on Tilda
If you need a great flow of requests from advertising and social networks for a single service
in 20 days
fiery design on Tilda ZeroBlock
promotion in SEO for 1-2 requests is also possible
95 000 ₽
Multi-page website
If you need leads from advertising and top 10 on search for all services
from 90 days
fiery design and site layout on WordPress
a complete toolbox to get into top 10 on search
300 000 ₽
Service, shop, PR campaign
upon request
In case you have a more complex and non-trivial task. We’ll develop a CJM (costumer journey map), make UX prototypes and do research, and then we’ll start developing.

For example, in outdoor advertising we used a banner with a QR code and a clickbait title, we took people to the site “If outdoor advertising does not work, then how did we end up on your phone”.

Do you think the site is not that important in advertising?
You’re wrong!

After — We changed the landing page and launched the ad again without changing anything in it. And we have received 64 leads for the same price
In October 2022, we started to work with the Hearing Center ‘Audionika’ on contextual advertising using Yandex Advertising Network. The site was not ready for advertising, but the client insisted on a test.
Before cooperating - lost 21,000 rub in 5 days of the test
“Anyone can write about quality, warranty, reliability and service. But who wants to read that?”
We write texts that go right to your audience hearts
Ambassador of awesome texts in Russia, Astra Agency’s copywriter
Registration and approval of outdoor advertising with supervisory authorities
We’ll make your training comfortable and the most effective
Mounting a sign is not enough, it is important to make it legal. We will prepare the documents and get the supervisory authorities’ approval.
Learn driving regulations in the app or attend classes. A driving instructor will pick you up from home and bring you back after. 92% of our students pass on the first or second attempt.
# not bad
# bad

Our projects

We don't quit after the project is finished
We’ll write a technical specification for revision
add or remove blocks; add widgets, buttons; rewrite texts; create new pages
A website with constant improvements is like a strong athlete. It breaks records every time. Your sales records.
We’ll analyse web visor’s data and study your customers visits’ records, click maps, numbers from advertising, call recordings and feedback from the sales department

Is your website ready to advertise?

To get leads, your website should sell. We’ll check it with our marketing specialist on Zoom. It’s free.
We understand that you are worried if the site will bring leads
Yes, website development in studios usually takes a lot of time and is expensive. We used to work in studios and saw the disappointment of companies after the launch :( That's why we introduced an MVP landing page as a single product to test the hypothesis cheaply and quickly. That's why we hired a professional marketer to work on your sites focusing on marketing. That's why we've worked in advertising for 5 years first to realize what can increase the conversion.

We conduct marketing

What are the hidden needs of the target audience that they will never talk about directly?
We study the market in depth and get answers to the following questions:
How good is the marketing of your competitors, what cool things can we learn from them, and how to differentiate?
What positioning can get right into the heart of the audience? What will be the marketing strategy?
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